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[1] Install Otomi on AWS EKS using Helm

A hands-on walkthrough of installing otomi platform on a kubernetes cluster

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·Oct 12, 2021·

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Otomi is an open source, cloud-agnostic platform to run on top of Kubernetes to securely deploy, run and manage applications

Before you begin

I would recommend the readers to check out the minimum requirements page and make sure the prerequisites are met.

At this stage, you should have your kubernetes clusters up and running and have access to it. Otomi has a DNS dependency(soon to be removed). Check out the following links to configure ExternalDNS on AWS,

Keep a watch on the Otomi-Releases page for latest and greatest updates.

Let's spin the Helm

Installing otomi has never been so easy. One can have the entire otomi platform configured and deployed on kubernetes with a single command. In this example, we will be deploying otomi on AWS EKS.

Otomi chart requires a values.yml file to be configured. Here is an example that I used for this demo,

# Sample values.yml used for this demo
  owner: redkubes
  k8sVersion: '1.20'
  name: community
  provider: aws
  region: eu-central-1
  domainSuffix: community.eks.otomi.cloud
  version: v0.14.13
  adminPassword: strongPassword
  isMultitenant: true
  isManaged: true
  hasCloudLB: false
    username: otomi
    password: f7c12973-0223-23ac-931b-a56cffffff
      region: eu-central-1
    email: admins@redkubes.com 
    stage: staging
      - eks.otomi.cloud

To render chart templates locally and display the output,

helm template -f values.yml community otomi/otomi

If you inspect the output, you will notice that a kind: Job will be deployed and that is responsible for the installation of otomi on the managed kubernetes cluster.

For more details visit: otomi install

Here is a terminal cast of the entire installation using helm

On the next blog, we will explore the other configuration options Otomi offers(KMS, OIDC, Other Cloud Providers).

Feel free to share your comments and reach out to me through any of my social platforms or through our community portal.

Let's make kubernetes adoption easy, shall we!

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