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Why I started using a Digital wrist watch as a Developer Advocate?

Why I started using a Digital wrist watch as a Developer Advocate?

A productivity game changer

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·Sep 25, 2021·

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Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time is like saying, ‘I don’t want to. – Lao Tzu

As a Developer Advocate working at a startup of fewer than 10 employees, my daily work is spread across,

  • Building proof-of-concepts
  • Marketing and community engagement
  • Technical product reviews
  • Writing blog posts and whitepapers
  • Meetings and alignments (who doesn't eh?)

In this role, context switching and time management are key to staying as efficient and productive as possible.

"Wait, What does this get to do with a wristwatch?", you may ask

Well, It has everything to do with time-keeping and staying away from distractions. The digital wristwatch does exactly that.

But what about my cellphone? It shows the time and much more

I have made a conscious decision to not use my mobile phone while I am working and so far it has turned out quite well.

Why not smartwatch?

Don't get me wrong, smartwatches are great. I own one and I use them while I am sporting. As I grow old, I started approaching everything on a need basis and with all honesty, a smartwatch is overkill and more of a hassle, especially while I am working.

The wristwatch on the other hand,

  • Shows me exactly what I need to see, the time, the day, and the date
  • No notifications from connected apps
  • There is no "Oops, I forgot to charge it!" moment
  • Minimal and lightweight
  • Beeps every one hour (Whaaaaat?)

Many of you reading this article can surely build an argument around "why it is good to wear a smartwatch and how it can help you be better"

At least, that is what they (consumer electronics companies) want you to believe

There are 'n' different ways to work and use tools but I am sharing what works for me.

The 'One Hour' methodology

I have been experimenting with the way I organise and prioritise my work. At this moment, with the number of aspects that I have to cover in a day, I came up with something I call the 'One Hour' methodology.

You work on a concept or topic for exactly for one hour and then switch to the next priority of the day

Well, this may sound counter productive at first but you will realise how powerful it is once you get the hang of it.

Benefits I experience

  • You will be amazed to see that one can accomplish so much in an hour
  • Trains the mind to context switch effectively
  • Making progress across different domains


  • Not all roles and job functions can be compartmentalised and broken down into 'One Hour' blocks
  • Sometimes you might need to spend more time on something than just an hour
  • It takes time, effort and discipline to streamline this process

The role of a wrist watch

I own a basic Casio F-91w wrist watch and it has this state-of-the-art "feature" of beeping every one hour. Mind blown eh? I would not be surprised if you are laughing at this point. I wouldn't blame you, I would too but ...

As simple as it may sound(pun intended), this feature is by far the most useful thing for me as it perfectly aligns with the 'One Hour' methodology, gently reminding me to move on to the next task

According to the Oxford dictionary, a tool is "a thing that helps you to do your job or to achieve something" and this wristwatch does that for me.

Curious to hear what you folks think. Drop-in your comments :)

Beep, Beep

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